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All Quiet on the Chimney Front
August 12, 2010, 4:52 pm
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At Your Service!

Thought I’d add a little “blogette” about the chimney drama going on at home this week.  I am pleased to say the scent of orange-vanilla room deodorizer has diminished greatly, and the once overpowering “scent of squirrel” has now left the building.  So, future dinner guests, there will be absolutely no indication that anything was ever awry in that cute dining room!  I’ve attached a photo of my chimney sweep team installing the chimney cap this morning, which will prevent any critters or botanical bits from entering the flue and causing potentially major problems!!  My advice to you at the moment is to run outside, check for overhanging branches around your roof & chimney which may provide a gateway for critters to come knocking on your chimney(s) door, make sure your damper is closed, and make sure your fireplaces are all fully serviced before the weather turns chilly (yes, that day will eventually get here)… the meantime, figure out a way to keep cool during these dog days of summer…….

No More Squirrels!

Mirkwood Chimney Rescue


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Some years ago, friends were coming over for lunch. It was November,and the day was chilly and perfect for a cozy fire. I arranged the wood perfectly (!) inside the fireplace and then opened the damper; or at least I attempted to open it. It was stuck. I tried for about five minutes to open the damper, then finally, it opened, just enough where I could put my fingers through to pry it open some more. My fingers touched something soft. Of course, I pulled my fingers away while ‘screeching’. After I composed myself and realized I had not been bitten, I looked closer at the damper and something grey was poking through the small opening. I was determined to grab whatever and pull it through (what was I thinking?)I yanked and yanked and finally the damper opened and I fell backwards with this ‘thing’ in my hand! It was a soft, grey sweatshirt!! Then I remembered, roofers had repaired the roof in early spring, so I ‘guess’ the sweatshirt dropped inside the chimney.

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