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Spring Spruce-Up
March 25, 2010, 8:25 pm
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Spring TulipsI was originally going to pontificate on color this week, but there is NO WAY not to acknowledge the pure, manic joy we’re all experiencing right now with the beauty of spring unfolding in front of us every single minute!  Why, I bet if we stood in front of a branch long enough, we could actually see new growth popping out in front of our very eyes…

So here’s the thing….as we were held captive in our homes throughout winter this year, all of us probably had a chance to visually take note of a few things that needed sprucing up, or re-done.  Right?!  I know I did!  So, what I have here is a list of things you can do to revitalize your space for the coming months of entertaining and “living”, starting with simple ideas and ending with more involved options:

BTW, I recommend a room-by-room approach;  looking at an entire house as one single project can be daunting and there may be a tendency to just shrug it off as too much to do…..focus on the room which is a favorite, sees a lot of traffic, or needs the most overhauling….

These ideas don’t cost a dime:

  1. Hit the local bookstore and park yourself in the home interior magazine section or design book section…flip through and you’re guaranteed to become inspired by new ideas; plus,  it’s a free visual feast.
  2. Give your space a thorough cleaning (the least fun of all) and fluffing…it’s absolutely necessary, so just get it done – whether you do it yourself or have help with it, once it’s completed, you’re all set and won’t wear yourself out thinking about what should have happened months ago!
  3. Try rearranging furniture – you’ll be surprised how much a space can open up or seem like a totally new room;  it’s more fun with a friend or family member there to assist.

Different Accent Pieces

Next (yes, these involve some outlaying of $$):

  1. Consider painting….it’s an easy, yet dramatic way of breathing new life into hum-drum spaces.
  2. Adding a new accent piece or two, whether it’s a couple of pillows, a lamp or two or a decorative accessory, can also rekindle enthusiasm for creating a new look!

Moving right along, perhaps it’s time to change out some furniture – a new sofa, a pair of chairs, introducing new textures, lighting, etc.  Think about what pieces absolutely must stay, and which can be moved elsewhere or out.  Work out the spatial issues (get help if you need to) and go for it!

Final, most dramatic spring spruce-up:  Completely gut and start over….

I’m going to close now….if you have any ideas you’d like to share, please comment…also, if you act on any of the above and are pleased with results, let us know!


One Toe in the Water….
quince plant

from, credit Walter Chandoha

Well, should I say “Here I go…”, or “Here I come…”? I’m taking the liberty of writing just this once about why the Quince blog has popped into reality. This is the third, and final jewel in Quince’s social media crown (preceded by facebook and Twitter), and my vision is clear but I’m definitely in unchartered waters at this point.  From here on out, “Quince” is me, and IS me, though the two will overlap at times and remain separate on occasion!

So, what in the world am I going to do with this blog?  I mean, there are hundreds, maybe thousands of great blogs focusing on aesthetics, interiors, style, etc…so who do I think I am having the nerve to move forward with this?    The whole point is to communicate the essence of Quince, and to offer the reader something to nibble on – whether it’s a bit on color, nature, food, lighting, or whatever strikes our (me and Quince) fancy.  And, we want to hear from you, NEED to hear from you – comments validate that yes, people are checking in and yes, people have opinions which can add depth and interest to the topic at hand. 

Quince will be celebrating the beginning of its 8th year in business this summer – hard to believe, to say the least.  After a rewarding 15 years in the biotech industry, I decided to take a break in 2000, focusing on renovating a c.1900’s country cottage…the “bug” officially “bit” during that time, and I’ve never looked back.  As I try to determine when this style thing took hold, I realize it began surfacing early on; no one ever knew what a kick I got out of decorating my freshman dorm room, and I have to give credit to my stepmother, Julia, whose sense of style and flair left a lasting impression on my own vision (no one could arrange flowers like she could, nor do crewel-work like she could, nor entertain like she could).  My sister, Karen, got me to embrace the color green, and was always mixing antiques with new pieces, with great results…Lila was the first really good friend I had who knew how to “do it”….every time I visited her home on the coast I took rolls and rolls of pictures and poured over them later (how did she figure out those fabrics would work with those paint colors??)…and then Camille and Miles….and then, one day, my best bud Kelley (who not only has great style, but hammered me from day one to move forward with all of this) and I walked into this great store (Bloom) at 50th and Lexington, in Manhattan, and I knew at that moment exactly what I wanted to offer Charlottesville…so here it is, and here I am.  Get ready for a bumpy, fun ride!